CREW Academy

Making the Team the Heart of the Visitor Experience

Crew Academy is your trusted partner when it comes to enhancing the visitor experience. Our online training courses covers every aspect of creating exceptional interactions with visitors. From customer service skills to effective communication techniques, we equip your team with the knowledge and tools they need to provide a memorable experience for every guest. But we don't stop there. Our train-the-trainer program ensures that your internal trainers are fully equipped to deliver impactful and engaging training sessions. We believe in empowering your team to become experts in their field, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth within your organisation. With Crew Academy, you can elevate your visitor experience to new heights and create lasting connections with every guest who walks through your doors.

Training You Can Trust

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Guest Aware

Work together to engage your visitors with advice, information and enjoyable, rapport-building conversations.
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This confidence-building programme helps your whole team connect with your guests and create better experiences for them and better days for your team.
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Suits You

Train your staff and volunteers, throughout the season. This means you can train permanent, seasonal and ‘onboarding’ team members as and when you like.